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Practical La Medicina Xalud; another look at medicine

BIO-RESONANCE therapy was created in Germany in 1977. It is believed to be able to detect a variety of diseases and problems in the body which practitioners can then treat by 're-tuning' the body's frequency like tuning in a radio, changing the bio-resonance in the cells and reversing the change caused by the disease.

One such practitioner is Ada Stoppelenburg. Ada has been specialising in bio-resonance therapy for eight years, having studied in the Netherlands before moving to Spain and forming Practical La Medicina Xalud in Albir. Ada welcomes patients from across the Costa Blanca, including some who are referred to her by their doctors who believed their symptoms could be eased and in many cases cured. Ada also admits that many come to her as a last resort, with their doctors unable to pinpoint the exact cause of their problems. Through a two hour body scan, she is able to measure the frequencies and vibrations within the body, before being re-tuned to ease the problem. It can detect everything from bacteria to a virus to heart problems. With the problem spotted, the bio-resonance therapy can then work on the harmonisation of the frequencies to support and aid healing.

Bio-resonance can also assist in losing weight and it works with the body's metabolism. Available with personal coaching from Ada, supported with a special program and body scan, you can soon see the weight falling off.

It's special flu program has also seen many patients this winter get over the flu and be back up on their feet within days.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Ada on 634 638 952. Bio-resonance is a fast and effective method to detect problems in the body and some private health insurance companies reimburse the cost, depending on your level of insurance. 

But this is not the only area of expertise for Ada. She works at the Centro Medico in Alfaz del Pi in cooperation with the aesthetic medical team. Here she uses Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL therapy, to help treat skin conditions such as moles, skin lesions and pigmentation, thread veins and sun damage. It can also be used for general skin rejuvenation, acne and scar treatments, skin analysis, eczema and hair removal both the body and face. The technology uses a high-powered hand held computer controlled device that delivers an intense pulse of light, in a similar way to laser treatments. However, these use a single wavelength, but with IPL they use a broad spectrum which allows it to be used to treat several conditions.

For more information, call the Centro Medico Alfaz on 966 860 704.



ADA STOPPELENBURG is a delightful force to be reckoned with. She has proved that you can change your life around at any age! Originally from the Netherlands, Ada moved to Spain three years ago at the age of 56. Getting over a divorce and recovering from a minor stroke, this friendly and extremely positive mother of two and grandmother of three, said she decided to move to her holiday home on the Costa Blanca on a permanent basis, and she hasn't looked back since. She had gone on to successfully create her own business, helping others overcome illness and ailments through her bio-resonance therapy.

Ada was 51 years old when she went back to school to study the treatments and do training in clinical psychology and allergies. Previously working as a dental assistant in her younger work life, the medical field has always fascinated and inspired her as she admits she has always wanted to be a doctor. She has her 'A' status qualification in the Netherlands which means she has the same level of qualifications as a paramedic, just below that of a doctor.

For Ada, as with many others, she admits all the paperwork needed in Spain can be frustrating, but says moving to the country has given her a new lease of life, finding something that she never expected; love. With the care and support of a fellow Dutchman now in her life, she is even more successful than ever, helping dozens of patients overcome illness and begin their step to having a new lease of life also.

Ada also thanks the Dutch Business Club for assisting and supporting her over the years, giving her vital information, advice and a network of like-minded business people to turn to and she would advise anyone else setting up a business to find a similar club as a way of getting advice and airing frustrations. But what other advice would she give? “Make a plan but expect it to be broken” she jokes: “You also have to chase your dreams, nothing comes to you if you are sitting on your bum all day. Go out and meet people, talk to them, network.”

For more information contact Ada on 634 638 952 or email